You don't take your Ford to a Chevy mechanic

One of the first questions we ask a banker is how they do their own banking. After all, that personal experience is the most intimate example they will have when talking to prospective customers. Interestingly enough, we’ve noticed some trends over the years:

  • Bankers often don’t use Online Banking. They look up their own accounts on the system, often many times a day. There’s better info there, right?

  • Many of them love to write checks. They pay their bills and everything else with checks and watch them fly through the systems.

  • They likely keep a check register. They have a bunch in their desk, the time to fill it out, and love to be on top of things.

  • They ask their friends to do things. Need to transfer funds? Ask your buddy.

So what’s the problem?

Bankers have access to their accounts in a way that no customer does, from more detailed general specs to transaction-level information. You can’t blame people who really like this stuff for looking at the more interesting version! But, it can mean that they sometimes have no idea what it is like to be an actual customer of the bank. How can you effectively communicate the features and benefits of products that you aren’t using yourself?

Here are a few things to think about to get your bankers using your own products more:

  • Restrict systems. Some systems allow you to restrict the bankers from seeing their own information on systems. Consider adding in those tools.

  • Use your bankers more when adding products. Involve them in the process, have them test things out and offer feedback, and get them using the tools before they roll out.

  • Offer incentives through employee accounts. Many banks have accounts designed for employees only that encourage behaviors, such as fee-free add-ons and rewards for certain behaviors like using bill pay or online banking logins.

If you’d like to discuss these processes more, we’re always happy to talk about these ideas and how we can help. Keep in touch with CC Interactive on our website ( or by contacting Jesse Cain or Hans Christensen for more on enabling bankers to create profitable customer relationships.

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