The CC Interactive approach to building process efficiency creates value by bringing an outside perspective to your organization and implementing specific principles, including:

  • Keeping the Customer In Mind - Too often, efficiency is driven by the loudest voice in the room. If one group is more assertive, certain tasks are moved around to accomodate. We believe the focus should always be on the service experience for the customer. Time savings are critical, but never at the expense of the customer interaction.

  • Evaluating Systems - Bank employees are often shuffling between multiple systems for various tasks. If there is room to consolidate, we work to find it.

  • Consistency - It is not uncommon for us to find individuals all over the bank conducting the same process in several different ways, reducing quality and introducing the need for additional verifications on the back end. It is critical to build consistency in processes across the bank, whether that means reorganizing those processes or making small adjustments to procedure.

  • Centralization versus Decentralization - One approach over the other may make sense for each unique organization. We can provide insight on specific processes and what will create the most efficient experience at your bank.

  • Handoffs and Duplication of Effort - Ultimately, the goal is reduce duplication of effort and free up existing employees for creative and analytic work rather than menial tasks. By analyzing handoffs and task sharing across the process, we can provide insight on areas that may be taking more effort than is necessary.

  • Error Rates - Error rates are critical to understanding pain points in the process. Mistakes happen, but they are typically an indicator of a weakness in the process at one point or another. We work to reduce error rates by finding the source of the problem rather than adding additional layers of verification.

Our process always starts with an initial discovery to outline goals and objectives before proceeding to an outline, analysis, and delivery. We work on projects in a number of specialized areas of the bank, listed below.

CC Interactive Process

New Accounts and Treasury Services

Beyond software optimization, many front end processes for new accounts (both business and retail) and treasury services get complicated quickly, with layers and layers of verification and handoffs for information only to find mistakes after the fact. We analyze processes from front to back to find error rates and identify the source of the problem, while streamlining operations for large and small organizations.

Maintenance Processes

Maintenance processes can be particularly challenging at a bank. There's a form for everything, and that form could be found in any number of places, from share drives, to intranet, to a desk drawer. Whether the form actually gets done, signed, and sent to the right person is another story. Let us help sort out the mess.

Specialized Projects

We frequently receive requests from banks experiencing rapid growth, mergers/acquisitions, or heavy reliance on paper processes to bring an outside perspective to the organization and better define areas for efficiency improvement. Reach out, and we will identify if your project fits our skill set to bring value.

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