You’ve probably seen them lately - the ads that claim you can stop by any location at a big, well-known bank and open an account and be on your way in five minutes.  Sounds nice, right?  Let’s talk about it.

That “5 minute” mark has been running around the banking industry for years.  You’ve heard it at conferences, from vendors, and many other places...

We’re all familiar with the phrase “don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole”.  It’s a basic enough concept – if something doesn’t quite work, then don’t use it.  But we all know it isn’t always that easy for one simple reason:

How do you know if something doesn’t fit?

Banks often have different people administering different tools and software...

One of the first questions we ask a banker is how they do their own banking.  After all, that personal experience is the most intimate example they will have when talking to prospective customers.  Interestingly enough, we’ve noticed some trends over the years:

  • Bankers often don’t use Online Banking.  They look up their own accounts on the system,...

We interview hundreds of bankers each year. They always say they are providing excellent service. But are they?

Banks can be buried with forms and paperwork. Here are a few document best practices from CC Interactive for when a form is absolutely necessary!

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