CC Interactive Connect Skills Training

There are a lot of names out there for different bank sales programs, but we want to let you in on a little secret... the basic steps that the best bankers follow to open accounts are generally the same from one institution to the next. We've been to large and small banks across the country, and have worked with front end bankers on every end of the spectrum in terms of skill, experience, and confidence. There's no fancy trick or acronym for a great account opening interaction. What separates the most profitable banks with the highest customer retention and satisfaction from those that struggle is execution of the plan. You need commitment, buy-in, and consistency in a sound account opening approach. 

We are experts in designing, presenting, and teaching amazing account opening interactions. We take a comprehensive approach to igniting and solidifying an effective service approach with your front end personnel that drives value and profitability. Whether your bank has a unique training program in place or is looking to implement a new strategy, we work with executive staff to build an actionable approach, then develop skills in your bankers to help them become top performers in the industry in terms of cross-selling, matching needs, and creating long term relationships with your customers. Once the program is in place, we guide the change management process to see it through.

The CC Interactive Connect Skills Training program includes:

  • Banker Strengths/Weaknesses Evaluation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Product Messaging Strategy

  • Proprietary Training Guides and Materials

  • Executive Thought Leadership Seminar

  • Customer Profile Development

  • Banker Skills Interactional Training and Workshops

  • Ongoing Evaluation and Support

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