Our process for every software efficiency engagement starts with a discovery session to properly define objectives and expectations. To get the most out of your software, we want to learn everything we can about your organization, your customers, your staff, and your processes. From there, we customize a project that fits your needs... and there is no financial commitment from you until we demonstrate the value we can create for your institution.

CC Interactive Process

Whether you are looking for optimization around new accounts, maintenance requests, policy and procedure, BSA, or administrator/banker training, we will build a project together with you that reaches your goals and empowers your bankers to build better relationships with customers.

Account Opening Optimization - New Account Workflows

Our approach to each software engagement for new account workflows is different. But we believe certain principles must be present in every effective new account software set-up.

  • Minimalistic - A certain amount of data must be collected, but that process should be comfortable, efficient, and conversational. Customers want to spend time on products and services, so our job is to empower them to have those discussions, while still getting what we need.

  • Consistent - Software has to feel easy for the banker. The best way to do that is to provide consistency. Regardless of the scenario a banker is faced with, the system should feel the same so he/she can focus on the customer.

  • Flexible - The set-up has to be flexible in a changing banking environment, and it should let your best bankers do their best job while pushing your newest employees to advance in their skills.

If this doesn't sound like your software today, there is likely room to improve. Let us work with you through in-depth conversations, idea building, testing, and technical execution to get the most out of your set-up.

Account Opening Optimization - Services/Maintenance Workflows

Most banks have software up front that can do more than just new accounts. But we find a tremendous difference between the organizations that use it effectively for those tasks and those that do not. That difference isn't just based on "which bank has the most workflows"... it is about whether the workflows are intelligently designed and useful for the organization.

We take a full look at front to back operations and find opportunities for efficient workflows that make sense based on how your organization is structured and what tasks are assigned across different business units. The goal? Designing your set-up as a holistic solution for front end operations, and eliminating the need for multiple systems and tracking for front end banker activities.

Account Opening Optimization - New Administrator Training

When an Administrator leaves the organization, the set-up tends to become stale over time and doesn't get the attention it deserves. It is important to be able to adjust to a changing banking environment, so we can get individuals at your bank up to speed on how to use the tool. Having taught interactive workshops, in-depth webinars, and one-on-one training sessions across the country, we are confident we can make you the experts on this software.

Policy/Procedural Reviews - New Accounts, Compliance, BSA

Take it from a team that has been to banks all across the country - there can be an incredible amount of inconsistency when it comes to policy and procedure surrounding account opening. More often than not, there is an opportunity for improvement, whether it is revisiting compliance in certain areas, streamlining BSA data gathering processes, or updating CIF structure and onboarding. 

We have the expertise to give you insights on front end policy and procedures, and help your bank balance the need for compliance with the need for customer-friendly interactions.

Back Office Efficiency - Verifications, Error Rates, Maintenance

New account opening doesn't stop at the front line, so it is critical to understand what happens after the customer leaves. We fully analyze and map back office processes, looking for extra handoffs, unnecessary paper use, manual tracking, inefficient share drive and email-based processes, and other duplications of effort to find valuable improvements in both software and general process design.

When joined with a new account review, a back office analysis also provides valuable insight into error rates and potential weaknesses in the front end process. Let us find efficiencies for both sides of the house and bring valuable perspective in finding the best process for the bank in terms of profitability.

Customer Interactions - Banker System Training

The typical software training for front end bankers covers demonstrations of the workflows. But we add additional value by going beyond demonstrations to training on technique and theory as it relates to bankers using the system during an actual account opening interaction. We have found in the past that extra insight and understanding of the system has been tremendously beneficial for bankers and their ability to create positive and profitable customer interactions on the front line. 

No one knows the system as well as we do, and we want to give as much knowledge as possible to your personnel.

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